Server Time 13:26, 29 Mar 2020


+ Azure Classic will open in January 2020
+ A low rate server for the community.
+ Version 1.4.6 in a classic PWI style (mixed with 1.3.6)
- Our latest patch is version 7 (6/2/20)

Link to Discord Server:

Azure Classic Server Information
Key Features:
Version: 1.4.6 with 5 races and 10 classes
Rates: 1x EXP, 1x SP and 1x Coin
No R9, r8r. rank 9 and r8 recast have been removed
Vote Rewards: Via web panel
Drop Rates:      2x Resource rates.
DQ Items: Original Price (not 1 coin!)
Start Date: Jan 2020
More Details:               About Azure Classic